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Getting a 3D printer in the house.

I thought it was just another expensive hobby when Paul first suggested getting a 3D printer. One that would never really have any practical use, and would just fill the house up with more geeky nerdy stuff (which we already have enough of ). I have, however, been suitable impressed with the way it works and the stuff that it can produce.  Yes he is still filling the house up nicely with nerdy 3d printed stuff but, hey, kids help with suggestions for that (dad that’s really cool can you print that ).  He has also made some really useful stuff like a tooth brush stand and hooks for the tea towels.  We do foresee a time, however, when friends and family will be fed up with 3d printed gifts and actually want something from a normal shop.

I seem to in charge of shipping, which usually just mean I pop the post office near my work in my lunch break or the post office in the village after work. (The lady in the post office just thinks I’m weird with all these parcels that don’t weigh anything)

My other role seems to be sustenance which largely equates to providing Paul with cups of tea and getting frustrated when they get cold.

What else?

Well I also try to provide some suggestions for products for occasions like Valentines day or Halloween (we sold no end of scooby doo dog tags , apparently lots of Americans want their dog to dress up as Scooby doo) to keeping an eye on postage dates and when things are likely to arrive. The countdown to Christmas is particlarly busy. Thanks to tracking and Amazon next day people think if they order it two days before Christmas it will arrive in the States in time! (unfortunately postmen are still slooooow)

Thats it

Well I’ve rambled on for much longer than thought I would. Just remember I’m the practical person behind the guy the with ideas.  I attempt to make it all happen while having a full-time job.  While managing three teenagers (yes as they get older they get worse) two cats and a household. Of course there is also one wonderfully insane geeky nerdy husband to keep organised.


If anyone has any idea what to do with old filament reels I will be eternally grateful! (free to anyone that wants one just pay postage)

The model featured is available to purchase HERE

Printer purchased from check them out!

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