BATMAN: Dawn Of Justice Batarang




Be Batman.

This is based on the Ben Affleck style Batarang as seen in Dawn of Justice and Batman V Superman. The model is double sided and my own sculpt.

They are printed in sturdy PLA bioplastic which is made from vegetable oils.

It measures approximately 14cm in width.

It can also be optionally fitted with a Neodymium magnet to act as a fridge magnet or for anchoring to a belt/costume.

The magnets are available in 3 strengths

Medium is a 3x8mm N52 grade with a Theoretical Maximum Pull: 3.96lb / 63.4oz / 1798g
Strong is a 20x2mm N52 grade with a Theoretical Maximum Pull: 6.7lb / 107oz / 3038g
X Strong is a 20x3mm N52 grade with a Theoretical Maximum Pull: 10.01lb / 161oz / 4558g

(please note maximum pull is a bench-marking figure and does not equate to actual measured strength. This will further be weakened by plastic in between the model and the object (so don’t expect to hang a 4.5Kg baby off of one))

Due to magnet strength shipping laws batarangs with the higher powered magnets will be shipped in boxes. This increased shipping cost is reflected in their prices.

Colours shown: Black

I can provide many shapes and will quote for custom orders, please send me a message if you have an idea that you don’t see in the shop.

Colour variations may be apparent due to changes in material and photography. I try to give as accurate a description as possible.

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Please note: None of our items are intended for, or certified for use by children under the age of 14. These are Adult toys and collectors pieces and Creative Cloisters will accept no liability for usage by children.

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