Creative Cloisters – Hello!

Welcome to Creative Cloisters although, primarily, an online shop its also the home of a passionate group of nerds. Namely my family.

You will hopefully see posts and showcases from all of them (barring the cats) and I will give a quick rundown of who is who here before persuading them to add their own resumes.

Owner – Paul Songer

That’s me. A 40 something frustrated tech nerd. I started the Cloisters as a side project for my beloved 3D printer and to my amazement people started buying things. I now run a marginally successful store on Etsy and have decided to slip the bindings of the corporate culture and create my own webstore. Here it is.

I design simpler items and print a varied selection of things, if you have seen something cool on a  site such as Thingiverse why not ask me if I can do it for you (just bear in mind it needs to be non commercial and depending on the item may be more expensive then you expect. That said I am one of the more reasonable printers out there (ouch 3D Hubs and shapeways).

As a hobby I continue to work on the printer constantly upgrading it. Its is currently, in technical terms, an Original Prusa i3 Mk2.5 in an enclosure.

I mainly print in PLA but can also do most other materials including TPU, ABS, and PETG.

I am sure I will chirp up more but for now the blog is really for the family who have helped me immensely to take a pipe dream and start to build a solid foundation.

Expect to hear from –

Jessica: Oldest “child” and a genius at IT.

Emily: Middle “child” and a media guru in the making.

Daniel: Youngest child and a history and antiquities buff.

Don’t expect to hear from:

Suzanne: My beloved other half and customers services and postal fulfilment rock. (she is also a bit shy)

Jasmine: Shes a cat

Shadow: Also a cat but an a-hole as well.

One day perhaps I will quit the day job but for now this is a part time gig.

Other to the offspring.

Oh and another thing…. in the best tradition of Peter Falks Columbo feel free to check out our showcase of notable prints, if you are a printer yourself free free to submit your own.

Paul out.

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