3D printed Rassilon Puzzle Box

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Fully 3D printed in a brown PLA and with Pearl White inlays this 3D printed box looks gorgeous in its own right. It is much more than that though as it is also a secret box.

The 3D model is my own and can be adjusted (within reason) the custom option will allow choices of colours and your own logo.

Through careful manipulation it can be opened to reveal a perfectly hidden and cunning cubby within.

It is multi-locked but can be opened in just 5 moves. Can you do it?

An introduction to the box and a solution can be found here. https://www.facebook.com/creativecloisters/videos/277360063071463/

The box weighs around 400g and is just under 11cm cubed in size.

If you wish to have a custom logo please be aware that some may not be workable. In this case I reserve the right to issue a refund and cancel the order. If you choose a custom logo please provide an image of the logo wanted as “face-on” the the camera as possible. An SVG format logo is very much a help if available and custom colours can also be chosen.

Colour variations may be apparent due to changes in material and photography. I try to give as accurate a description as possible.

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5 reviews for 3D printed Rassilon Puzzle Box

  1. Steve Sneath

    Wonderfully constructed puzzle cube, as a long term Whovian, this may just be my all time favourite Gallifreyan artefact! Thank you, very pleased.

  2. valocasfv

    I'm speechless, it's so damn cool!! Beautiful! I'm using it as a gift box for a pendant. Thank you!!!

  3. Antony

    Excellent clever little puzzle, slightly counterintuitive at a couple of points in a good way

  4. suneun

    Very cool! Love the puzzle box and it was fun to figure out.

  5. Dee

    Review has no content.

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