A Very Fine Disc




Found in a derelict burnt out mansion in the Valley of the Four Drafts this mysterious coin like disc is an enigma. Too large for currency its discovery was a verifiably fathomless drama. Nearly eaten by a variety of ferocious dogs our finder retrieved the package and it is now available for sale.

We can’t really work out what it is for so we put mugs on it.

One side is emblazoned with an eye, a virtually frightful decoration in my opinion. However its the obverse that is truly baffling. It references a Beatrice and there are some very odd symbols! Various faultless detectives have tried to decipher the meaning but with veritable failures to date.

The strangest feature, however, is the side which seems to simply contain non-sequiturs about loss and the weather!

The coaster measures 9cm x 9cm x 1cm


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  1. MichaelNipper

    Larger than expected but so fun for fans of Lemony Snicket.

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