TrueTiles Dead End


2 x 2 top tile, with a dead end. Supplied unpainted.

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The TrueTiles Base Dungeon Set gives you the freedom to create whatever you can imagine.  No more worrying about the “shared walls” propagation problem that has plagued gamers since dungeon tiles first came out on the market.  No more worrying about monsters not fitting in corridors or having to print special door tiles.  It’s time to get back in the driver seat and make you dungeon tiles work for you!  “You bow to no tile.”

The TrueTiles Base Dungeon Set is OpenLOCK Compatible.  The relevant bases will be fitted to each tile by the seller.

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Tiles will be supplied in PLA plastic, printed at .02mm layer height and unpainted. OpenLOCK bases and clips are included where relevant.

More styles and designs are viewable at if you see something you would like printed that I don’t have listed just drop me a message and I will add it for you.

OpenLOCK is trademarked and copyright by Printable Scenery, and
used herein with an approved exemption from Printable Scenery.
TrueTiles Copyright (C) 2016 Ryan Beasecker and William Buchanan
Wyloch’s Armory Copyright (C) 2016 William Buchanan
Hero’s Hoard Copyright (C) 2016 Ryan Beasecker
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